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The symbol of your company’s good will
A Los Angeles trademark is an essential aspect of marketing, which creates brand awareness of products or services.  For any enterprise seriously doing business, there are advantages and protections acquired from registering trademarks and service marks.  Rozsa Law Group LC assists clients with all aspects of trademarks including selection, searches for availability, registration, renewal, and infringement litigation.

What kinds of words, phrases, or symbols are afforded trademark protection?
Trademarks are symbols, logos, words and their fonts, designs, colors, and even sounds that identify a particular product.  Big name brands all have trademarks.  Take Pepsi® for example, which has the red, white, and blue striped circle with the word Pepsi superimposed on or in it.  In addition, songs about the Pepsi generation and other branding makes it stand apart from Coca Cola®, which is a very similar product but has its own distinct trademarks.

When approving or rejecting trademarks, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) evaluates whether the trademark is too generic or whether it could be easily confused with an already existing trademark.  It also compares a mark with common law rights to trademarks, which are unregistered marks that have been in use commercially.

A Los Angeles trademark attorney can conduct a comprehensive trademark availability search to determine whether the same or a similar trademark is already in use.  Our trademark law firm conducts a comprehensive search that includes searching pending trademark applications, federal and state trademark registrations, and common law rights to marks.  Common law users of marks often successfully challenge a registration or application, so ruling out common law rights is an important aspect of a comprehensive search.

Trademark registration and renewal process
Los Angeles trademark lawyers handle initial registration of trademarks, reconsideration, and appeals for rejections along with renewals which the USPTO requires between the ninth and tenth year after the first registration and subsequently every 10 years.

Trademark protection—protecting your goodwill and preventing infringement
When trademark use is challenged and lost, businesses can lose substantial investments in marketing, suffer profit loss, and even put their business in jeopardy.  Registering your trademark protects the company goodwill you will spend years building and offers protection against infringement.

Contact our Los Angeles trademark lawyers today
Whether you are devising a new trademark or need representation in trademark infringement litigation, discuss your concerns with an experienced Los Angeles trademark lawyer.  Call (818) 783-0990 today or contact Rozsa Law Group LC online.

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