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Los Angeles Patent Lawyer

With growing world markets, increasing numbers of companies are seeking patent protection whether in the United States or abroad.  The Rozsa Law Group LC assists individual clients and companies in the manufacturing and service industries with patenting their inventions both domestically and internationally.  A Los Angeles patent lawyer can be instrumental in furthering your invention.

Patent law: Protecting your brilliant idea
A patent gives the inventor exclusive rights, which means others cannot manufacture or sell the invention in the United States or import the invention into the United States without the inventor’s expressed permission, such as through licensing or some other legal agreement.  Patents last 20 years from the date of filing the patent application.

Well-written patents provide the widest possible scope without infringing on earlier similar inventions.  They also are not overbroad, going beyond the scope of the actual invention, nor are they worded ambiguously, which would provide little protection.

Patent transactions
Patents involve a variety of ordinary business transactions including sales and licensing along with the due diligence required for purchasing a patent, which discloses potential problems or weaknesses along with a patent’s values and strengths.  Los Angeles patent attorneys also conduct specialized patent transactions such as non-infringement opinion letters and freedom to operate search and analysis.  These types of transactions are very detailed work.  An opinion letter describes patentability and validity, and can prevent against charges of willful infringement.  Similarly, a freedom-to-operate search and analysis establishes an inventor’s reliance on legal counsel for determining whether the patented product could be commercialized without infringing on other patents.

Patent applications
Obtaining a Los Angeles patent may take several years and should be carefully considered, based on business goals and venture profitability.  The application process involves comprehensive preparation of the patent application, submission to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for examiner review, approval or denial, subsequent clarification or modifications, and possible appeal.

Licensing allows inventors who do not have the resources to manufacture or market their invention to profit from companies that do, while still maintaining proprietary rights.  Relying on an experienced Los Angeles patent law firm to draft a sound license agreement becomes an essential aspect of establishing a successful business licensing relationship.

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In Nearly 30 years as a Patent Attorney,
Thomas I. Rozsa has written over 1,300
issued United States Patents

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    Tom was the first attorney where I made more money that I paid. He always took time to break down my ideas to help guide him with the patent work. He negotiated a couple licensing deals for me as well. He was the first attorney to make me feel OK wit...

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