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Logos, Brands & Product Names

Logos, Brands and Product Names in California

The Los Angeles-based Rozsa Law Group LC helps individuals and business throughout Southern California and the United States protect their logos, brands, and product names by obtaining and enforcing trademark, service mark and trade dress registrations in the U.S. and in foreign countries worldwide.

The Paramount Importance of Trademark Protection

Obtaining a patent is essential to protecting the exclusive right to manufacture, use, license or sell an invention or product. Equally important is protecting the brand that you create to market your product. Words, slogans, names, symbols, logos, and other distinctive designations that you give your product can be protected from infringement by competitors or others. This protection is provided by the Lanham Act, officially known as the Federal Trademark Act of 1946. Registering a trademark under the Lanham Act is a multi-step process, involving many procedures such as the following:

Clearance Search – a first step is to comb through clearance search reports and thoroughly search all existing and pending trademarks to make sure your proposed mark will be able to be registered. This process includes searching several design and mark databases, including Trademark Depository Libraries and the Trademark Electronic Search System at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Opinion Letters – many businesses request or require a written analysis of the search results, including an opinion regarding the likelihood that the trademark registration application will be approved, and the chances that a particular mark may bring about infringement litigation from a user of another mark.

Filing for Registration – Once it is decided to pursue a trademark, we handle the entire registration process, from filing an Intent to Use or Use in Commerce application with the USPTO; to review, letters and responses; publication in the Official Gazette; and case resolution, such as trademark opposition or cancellation procedures before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board as necessary. In addition to filing and obtaining state and U.S. trademark registrations and service mark registrations, we will work to obtain registrations in any desired country worldwide under the procedures established in the Madrid Protocol or separately filing in individual foreign countries.

Licensing – It is not uncommon for the logo, brand, or other protected trademark to outstrip the product itself in terms of value. Licensing a trademark for merchandising and other purposes may become a major profit center for the business. Our office negotiates licensing agreements and handles other related business transactions and contracts to make sure your trademark is protected while making the most of its value to your enterprise.

The Price of Protection is Eternal Vigilance

As emblematic of its reputation, a company’s trademark or trade dress may be one of its most valuable business assets. While registering a trademark or trade dress is essential to protect it from unauthorized use, vigilant and vigorous enforcement is often critical to maintaining that value. Our firm is experienced in the full range of business litigation, including intellectual property matters such as enforcing and defending claims of trademark and trade dress infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition or false designation of origin.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

Firm founder and principal attorney Thomas I. Rozsa has over 30 years experience focused on intellectual property law, including obtaining trademarks, litigating infringement claims, and performing all related business transactions from entity formation to licensing agreements. We have obtained over 3,000 issued trademarks and service marks, and continue to maintain a vibrant and robust practice in this area. If you have a logo, brand, or product name to protect, contact the Rozsa Law Group to obtain that protection in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

In Nearly 30 years as a Patent Attorney,
Thomas I. Rozsa has written over 1,300
issued United States Patents

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    Mr. Rozsa and his team have been incredible to work with. He explained the process clearly, was supportive of our invention, and we were ultimately awarded our patent. His fee structure is reasonable, his professionalism exemplary, and I could not be...

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  • lawyers

    Tom was the first attorney where I made more money that I paid. He always took time to break down my ideas to help guide him with the patent work. He negotiated a couple licensing deals for me as well. He was the first attorney to make me feel OK wit...

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