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Artistic Works, Writing & Entertainment

Artistic Works, Writings, and Entertainment

Located minutes from Hollywood, the Rozsa Law Group LC provides entrepreneurs and artists in the entertainment business with comprehensive legal services to protect and maximize their intellectual property through the registration, enforcement, and licensing of their copyrighted writings and other original works.

A piece of creative work is intensely personal. It is also often the sole or chief source of income and livelihood of an artist or a business in the entertainment field. Protecting the value of this work through copyright is one of the first and most important steps that should be taken upon completion of a copyrightable work.

What is a Copyright?

Similar to a patent for an invention, copyright is a right granted by the government that provides the author of an original work the exclusive right to the original work for a period of time. Patent and copyright protection both derive from the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress the authority to “promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.” For artistic works, writings, and other forms of entertainment, this is accomplished by granting the creator of the work a copyright, which may last for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years, depending upon certain factors. During this time, the author/creator or his or her estate owns the exclusive right to profit from the work, including licensing the work to others.

How is a Copyright Created?

Many people confuse the act of copyright registration with the act of copyright creation itself. The truth is that a copyright vests in the author the moment the work is created, or fixed in a tangible medium, to use the legal terminology. Registering a work with the U.S. Copyright Office merely records that a copyright exists, it puts the public on notice that the work is original to its author and it evidences an official date of creation, date of first publication and date of registration for the copyrighted work. The act of registration is still vital, however. Failing to register a copyright can make the task of protecting and defending against infringers exceedingly difficult, and may even expose you to a claim of infringement by someone who registered when you did not.

It is critical to register your creative work either before it is publicly disclosed or put on sale or within three (3) months of that date.  Failure to do so would prevent you from recovering significant statutory damages and attorneys ‘ fees in a litigation.

Make the Most of Your Work

As an experienced business and intellectual property law firm, the Rozsa Law Group can help you make the most of your copyrighted work, by negotiating licensing agreements that grant the license holder a limited use of the copyright for the benefit of both parties. Our office further protects your copyright from infringement through litigation, through which we may obtain injunctions or seek money damages, such as statutory damages or actual damages and the recovery of additional profits acquired by the infringer.

We have obtained copyright protection on numerous creative works, including computer programs, websites, toys, catalogs, artistic works, sculptural works, books, videos and screenplays. For comprehensive protection of and maximum value for your original works and writings, contact the Rozsa Law Group for a free consultation with a highly-qualified, capable and experienced copyright attorney.

In Nearly 30 years as a Patent Attorney,
Thomas I. Rozsa has written over 1,300
issued United States Patents

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    Tom was the first attorney where I made more money that I paid. He always took time to break down my ideas to help guide him with the patent work. He negotiated a couple licensing deals for me as well. He was the first attorney to make me feel OK wit...

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